Coaching & Consulting

After my time as a change manager and my move from Munich to Zurich, I founded a practice for coaching and management consulting in 2004.
Somewhat later, together with my wife at the time, I added couples counseling.
I have since given up the coaching practice, my ex-wife continues to do couples counseling and two days a month I support her in two-on-two sessions.

Relationship Coaching

For more than twelve years my wife and I have been running a practice for couples counseling in Zurich.
During this time we accompanied about 2,500 couples and individuals in their development and through crises.
In 2018 we moved to Berlin and closed the practice for a year. During the time of upheaval, we redefined our life goals and decided that we would continue with couples counseling.
The work is close to our hearts and even though we parted ways in 2020, we continue to work together.

Coaching and Consulting

I ran the Coaching Zurich practice for over ten years, after working as a management consultant and interim manager.
In May 2018, I said goodbye to my long-time clients and practice when I moved to Berlin.
The former website gives an overview of what I have been dealing with the last years.
Coaching Zurich