My involvement with moving images ended for me in the analog era in 1987 with the completion of my film Spuren.
The approach to digital began in the fall of 2020 via Avid Media Composer and OBS Studio streaming software.
The many possibilities compared to an analog cutting table excited and disappointed me at the same time. I was surprised at how effortlessly complex techniques could be implemented in the past. I was disappointed that nothing really new has emerged in the last 30 years. The creation and reception of moving images seems to have changed little since the silent era.
What fascinated me about the new technology, however, and what goes far beyond classic cinema, are the resulting possibilities of interaction with the recipient.

Time and the Space Between
(current project)

An interactive video installation

“Time and the Space Between” is an interactive video installation that I developed together with artist Deniz Hasenöhrl.

At its core, it deals with the psychological themes of projection and reflection, and the artistic dissolution of object and subject, as well as an integration of the recipient into the work.

It is presented in five overseas containers, which are arranged in a star shape and each of which contains two person-sized monitors, one or more cameras and various motion detectors at the end in the dark.

We are currently experimenting with recording technology and a smaller prototype. The final realization will take about two years.

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